Welcome to the ValaisADN-WallisDNA platform !


Join us in discovering the ancient origins of your family and the history of its migrations !

Many enthusiasts have traced their family genealogy, sometimes with the assistance of specialists who can uncover traces of these families in medieval archives dating back to the early 13th century.

But these researchers don’t stop there ! They are now interested in a new form of citizen science: genomics.

This is how the project ValaisADN-WallisDNA was born : to uncover the origins of the populations in our canton and trace their migrations over millennia !

The genetic information passed down through generations allows us to reconstruct the millennial history of families and peoples.

To date, Several hundred people from Valais are part of this spectacular experiment. They now know their European or Indo-European origins and some of their ancient connections to other Valaisan or Swiss families — perhaps even yours ?    Click here...

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